Thursday, 8 May 2014

On cycling in London.

Decided to film my commute for the first time yesterday.

The result was mostly footage of the floor in Tube trains but the morning rush was moderately livened up by me forgetting to turn off my heating and cycling home again (after getting on the first Tube) and by seeing how fast I can make my way through Bank station - it genuinely looks like the film is playing at double speed - and personally I find this amusing. I am a real Londoner :)

On the way home however, this happened:

In under one minute I capture a car jumping a red light, an indecisive Honda almost taking me out and then a Ford deciding to drive straight across my path. She wound down the window and said the word 'INDICATING' as if this somehow gives anyone with a flashing orange light on their vehicle a free pass to use the roads dangerously.

Perhaps the Highway Code will eventually be rewritten to include this because, as of today, it doesn't actually feature as an exemption. I am shocked to discover.

I will now be recording whenever I can and submitting footage to the Metropolitan Police Service via their RoadSafe Form. I recommend that other road users do the same - Big Brother may be watching but a saturation of civilian drivers with helmet/dash cams can only make the roads safer for everyone.

I hope.

MET Police RoadSafe

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